Saturday 22 October 2011

Deregulation Enables Investment Fraud

A big shout out to Occupy Vancouver and to the Surrey protest against George Bush. We are told that Occupy Wall Street protest was first inspired by Adbusters, an anti Corpora media outlet base in Vancouver, BC. We are told they were the ones that first proposed the "What if" thousands of protesters occupied Wall Street? The idea caught on dramatically.

I was wondering why they were kind of mumbling and repeating each other over and over again at the Occupation and what everyone raising both hands wiggling was all about. One participant explained that was zombie talk. It represents how in society and in corporate media people tend to be like zombies and just repeat what ever they hear without verifying it's truthfulness. When they ask does everyone agree and everyone responds with the wiggling hands that is mocking how people tend to be like sheep and ignorantly agree with whatever the media feeds them.

The Occupy movement has been criticized of not having clear goals or a clear set of demands. In response to that criticism, Adbusters came up with one possible proposal, the Robin Hood Tax. A tiny tax on financial transactions on Wall Street that would encourage traders to stop jumping back and forth between investments so rapidly which creates such unstable speculation that would be enough money to fund every social program imaginable. Not a bad idea.

Personally, I'm not big on commission fees. I like it like how Manulife lets you diversify and move your RRSP investments between mutual funds without commission charges. I see commission charges as sharks exploiting investors. Yet taxing the sharks does seem palatable.

Nevertheless, my concern isn't taking from the rich and giving to the poor. My concern is the huge amount of investment fraud that goes on in the market that is completely unregulated. Madoff claimed he was just one of many fraudsters on Wall Street. My main concern is how deregulation enables investment fraud.

One would normally think that reducing red tape to let business thrive is a good thing. However, in practice all we have seen is that reducing regulation and red tape has simply made it easier for white collar criminals to commit investment fraud. When Reagan deregulated the banks, that opened the flood gates of corruption wide open.

George Bush's son Neil was a director of a bank in Colorado during the savings and loans scandal in the /80's. He used his position on the banks BOD to approve a loan for one of the family's fake oil companies that were over inflated and ripped people off. When the company paid his salary and ran off with the money, it defaulted on the bank loan which was bailed out with tax dollars. Al Martin claims the Bush family had many of these fake Texas oil well companies and committed extensive amount of fraud through them in Texas which helped collapse Mcorp and create the Savings and loan crisis in the /80's.

Evidently they used that practice operation in Texas on the rest of the country years later with the promise that the banks would be bailed out with tax dollars and that they were. My concerns are banking fraud, real estate fraud and investment fraud. Vancouver doesn't have a stock exchange any more. We used to. Vancouver is a big city not to have a stock exchange. The reason it was disbanded was because the media found out how corrupt it was. It was full of fake pump and dump stocks and they simply couldn't control the fraud.

We have clearly seen that deregulation hasn't resulted in a more profitable business environment. We have simply seen how deregulation has enabled investment fraud which in essence steals our pensions, destabilizes the market, adversely affects the economy and increases taxes.

The 9/11 truth movement is well represented at the Occupy Vancouver protest. They rightfully ask about Tower 7, the third tower that fell in New York when no planes hit it. Interesting to note that aside from military and CIA records, the Tower was the headquarters of the Wall street Watch dog that investigated investment fraud. You don't have to be a Communist to be concerned about investment fraud stealing your hard earned pensions.

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