Saturday 28 April 2012

Corporate Greed

We've been hearing a lot about Corporate Greed these days. I want to break down some stereotypes and show how the neo cons have abandoned traditional conservative values. We used to think that traditional conservatives supported free enterprise and small business. After all that was one of the primary benefits of a free and democratic society - the ability to profit from the fruits of one's own labour.
Keeping with that line of thought, one would think promoting business is a good thing. The more business that prospers, the more people have jobs and pay tax. It's a win win situation. My concern is the obsession with big busness and the abandonment of small business. It's a strange world when we heard Jack Layton from the "left wing" speaking out in support of small business after they were abandoned by the neocon.
Logistically, if big corporations proseper that means more people will have jobs and be employed. But will they profit from the fruits of their own labour? Large corporations only care about one thing: increased profits. Profits are never good enough any more. There needs to be a steady increase in profits to satisfy the demands of the shareholder. After all if the shareholders investment is paying enough dividends or producing enough capital gains, they'll simply invest their money somewhere else. That's part of the problem.

The stock market used to be a place when new companies could get start up capital for their business. Now a days, a company could be making a good product, paying a fair wage and making a great profit and still be in toruble if investers decide to invest somewhere else. Investers changing their investments can create a manufactured emergancy within a good profitable company.

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