Saturday 28 April 2012

Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura: Don’t start the revolution without me

Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura are the only ones that seem to be concerned about protecting the constitution. They are the only ones telling it like it is. Ron Paul is a conservative who uses the term Neo Con. The new conservative that has strayed very far from traditional conservative values of balancing the budget and protecting the constitution.
Jesse Ventura has a much better understanding of the constitution than Sara Palin does. He was supposed to run his own talk show a while back but the neo cons pulled it. They censored him by getting him to sign a contract for a talk show then paying him his salary and dropping the show. Jesse was bound by the contract and since he was paid, wasn’t allowed to work for any other talk show. Instead he wrote a book called “Don’t start the Revolution without me” which is worth reading. Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul have some pretty important concerns.

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