Saturday 28 April 2012

George Bush and Bill Clinton: The Odd Couple

George Bush was likely the most hated president in US history. For good reason. He put the US trillions in debt. He vetoed the bill to stop CIA torture. He started war profiteering at the tax payers expense by invading countries based on a lie and creating private companies like Halliburton that profited from war.  In so doing he tore up the sacred Constitution which he was under oath to protect. Thus came the unpatriot act and warrantless surveillance.
Bill Clinton on the other hand is much more personable. He seems friendly and compassionate. Seeing them travel and speak together reminds me of that old TV series the odd couple. Yet there’s a dark side to Bill Clinton that concerns me greatly.

Clinton recently wrote another book called Bill Clinton Back to Work. We need smart government for a strong economy. I shudder when I look at the cover. It makes me think of a used car salesman ready to rip you off. When Bill Clinton says let’s get back to work I’m forced to think of the work he did in Mena, Arkansas for the CIA that involved arms dealing, drug smuggling and money laundering. He was involved in the crash of BCCI. When Bill Clinton says let’s get back to work I’m forced to respond let’s not. Let’s not go back to that kind of fraud.

If we really want to help rebuild the economy we need to examine the kind of investment fraud that crashed it and created the manufactured emergency. What Goldman Sacs did to Greece could happen here if we let it. That kind of fraud could very well effect out liberty and our sovereignty.

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