Saturday 28 April 2012

Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura: Don’t start the revolution without me

Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura are the only ones that seem to be concerned about protecting the constitution. They are the only ones telling it like it is. Ron Paul is a conservative who uses the term Neo Con. The new conservative that has strayed very far from traditional conservative values of balancing the budget and protecting the constitution.
Jesse Ventura has a much better understanding of the constitution than Sara Palin does. He was supposed to run his own talk show a while back but the neo cons pulled it. They censored him by getting him to sign a contract for a talk show then paying him his salary and dropping the show. Jesse was bound by the contract and since he was paid, wasn’t allowed to work for any other talk show. Instead he wrote a book called “Don’t start the Revolution without me” which is worth reading. Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul have some pretty important concerns.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama: Coke or Pepsi

I’ll be the first one to agree that Mitt Romney was a much better choice than Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. That would have been scary. He was also a much better choice than Newt Gingrich. I’m sad to see how far that unscrupulous character got in the running. Him yelling ragefuly whenever someone brought up valid concerns about his infidelity to the cheers of his kool aid drunk supporters was absolutely cult like.
Yet my concern about Mitt Romney is the same as my concern about Barack Obama. He appears to be more of the same. Mitt Romney claiming that George Bush and Paul Henry helped save America from doing into another depression was the most absurd thing I had ever heard. George Bush was a scoundrel that put the US trillions in debt. Cheering him and his crimes on is very suspect. It means we aren’t really getting anything new.

Obama on the other hand was a wonderful speaker who promised change. Yet Guantanamo Bay is still open. I certainly don’t think Mitt Romney or any other Republican will close Guantanamo Bay or the CIA black site prisons where the US Constitution is violated on a daily basis. Yet Obama promised us change and hasn’t delivered on that change. At first we thought it was because of his nonpartasian aspirations to unite the country. Then we find out it was really because of his former secret service connections. The CIA created him. That shocking revelation was very disappointing.
It reminded me of a saying by Jesse Ventura. Jesse was asked how he felt about the two party system in the United States. He sarcastically sad he thought it was great. It’s like being asked what you want to drink. You can have anything you want, Coke or Pepsi. Well Coke or Pepsi is a little bit different but they’re both soft drinks and they both taste pretty much the same. It really isn’t much of a choice.

That is the problem we now face. Mitt Romney’s endorsement of George Bush and Henry Paulson means he is no different and will not save the constitution at this critical hour. Likewise, Barrack Obama’s ties to the CIA means neither will he. Indeed the constitution does hang by a thread and no one seems to be concerned about it.

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump: Dumb and Dumber

Looking back at the race for the Republicannomination, I shudder at the glimpse we had of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump teaming up together. That was a case of dumb and dumber.
Donald Trump was simply an honest George Bush. When discussing the war in Libya he said if he was president he would go in and take their oil. He said back in the day, if you won a war, you got the spoils of war. Someone forgot to tell him that the purpose of the American Revolution and the US Constitution was to provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare. It’s purpose wasn’t to become another England creating colonies all over the world.

Then there’s Donbald Trumps tax evasion. Bragging about how much money he made and how little income tax he paid doesn’t help the economy nor does it help balance the budget. In America today, a janitor can pay more income tax than Donald Trump – and the Republicans regard that not as a source of shame, but of pride. If the rich pay absolutely no income tax whatsoever, then the poor have to make up the difference which perpetuates the injustice of taxation without representation that the founding fathers stood up to oppose.

George Bush and Bill Clinton: The Odd Couple

George Bush was likely the most hated president in US history. For good reason. He put the US trillions in debt. He vetoed the bill to stop CIA torture. He started war profiteering at the tax payers expense by invading countries based on a lie and creating private companies like Halliburton that profited from war.  In so doing he tore up the sacred Constitution which he was under oath to protect. Thus came the unpatriot act and warrantless surveillance.
Bill Clinton on the other hand is much more personable. He seems friendly and compassionate. Seeing them travel and speak together reminds me of that old TV series the odd couple. Yet there’s a dark side to Bill Clinton that concerns me greatly.

Clinton recently wrote another book called Bill Clinton Back to Work. We need smart government for a strong economy. I shudder when I look at the cover. It makes me think of a used car salesman ready to rip you off. When Bill Clinton says let’s get back to work I’m forced to think of the work he did in Mena, Arkansas for the CIA that involved arms dealing, drug smuggling and money laundering. He was involved in the crash of BCCI. When Bill Clinton says let’s get back to work I’m forced to respond let’s not. Let’s not go back to that kind of fraud.

If we really want to help rebuild the economy we need to examine the kind of investment fraud that crashed it and created the manufactured emergency. What Goldman Sacs did to Greece could happen here if we let it. That kind of fraud could very well effect out liberty and our sovereignty.

Corporate Greed

We've been hearing a lot about Corporate Greed these days. I want to break down some stereotypes and show how the neo cons have abandoned traditional conservative values. We used to think that traditional conservatives supported free enterprise and small business. After all that was one of the primary benefits of a free and democratic society - the ability to profit from the fruits of one's own labour.
Keeping with that line of thought, one would think promoting business is a good thing. The more business that prospers, the more people have jobs and pay tax. It's a win win situation. My concern is the obsession with big busness and the abandonment of small business. It's a strange world when we heard Jack Layton from the "left wing" speaking out in support of small business after they were abandoned by the neocon.
Logistically, if big corporations proseper that means more people will have jobs and be employed. But will they profit from the fruits of their own labour? Large corporations only care about one thing: increased profits. Profits are never good enough any more. There needs to be a steady increase in profits to satisfy the demands of the shareholder. After all if the shareholders investment is paying enough dividends or producing enough capital gains, they'll simply invest their money somewhere else. That's part of the problem.

The stock market used to be a place when new companies could get start up capital for their business. Now a days, a company could be making a good product, paying a fair wage and making a great profit and still be in toruble if investers decide to invest somewhere else. Investers changing their investments can create a manufactured emergancy within a good profitable company.