Saturday 22 October 2011

Deregulation Enables Investment Fraud

A big shout out to Occupy Vancouver and to the Surrey protest against George Bush. We are told that Occupy Wall Street protest was first inspired by Adbusters, an anti Corpora media outlet base in Vancouver, BC. We are told they were the ones that first proposed the "What if" thousands of protesters occupied Wall Street? The idea caught on dramatically.

I was wondering why they were kind of mumbling and repeating each other over and over again at the Occupation and what everyone raising both hands wiggling was all about. One participant explained that was zombie talk. It represents how in society and in corporate media people tend to be like zombies and just repeat what ever they hear without verifying it's truthfulness. When they ask does everyone agree and everyone responds with the wiggling hands that is mocking how people tend to be like sheep and ignorantly agree with whatever the media feeds them.

The Occupy movement has been criticized of not having clear goals or a clear set of demands. In response to that criticism, Adbusters came up with one possible proposal, the Robin Hood Tax. A tiny tax on financial transactions on Wall Street that would encourage traders to stop jumping back and forth between investments so rapidly which creates such unstable speculation that would be enough money to fund every social program imaginable. Not a bad idea.

Personally, I'm not big on commission fees. I like it like how Manulife lets you diversify and move your RRSP investments between mutual funds without commission charges. I see commission charges as sharks exploiting investors. Yet taxing the sharks does seem palatable.

Nevertheless, my concern isn't taking from the rich and giving to the poor. My concern is the huge amount of investment fraud that goes on in the market that is completely unregulated. Madoff claimed he was just one of many fraudsters on Wall Street. My main concern is how deregulation enables investment fraud.

One would normally think that reducing red tape to let business thrive is a good thing. However, in practice all we have seen is that reducing regulation and red tape has simply made it easier for white collar criminals to commit investment fraud. When Reagan deregulated the banks, that opened the flood gates of corruption wide open.

George Bush's son Neil was a director of a bank in Colorado during the savings and loans scandal in the /80's. He used his position on the banks BOD to approve a loan for one of the family's fake oil companies that were over inflated and ripped people off. When the company paid his salary and ran off with the money, it defaulted on the bank loan which was bailed out with tax dollars. Al Martin claims the Bush family had many of these fake Texas oil well companies and committed extensive amount of fraud through them in Texas which helped collapse Mcorp and create the Savings and loan crisis in the /80's.

Evidently they used that practice operation in Texas on the rest of the country years later with the promise that the banks would be bailed out with tax dollars and that they were. My concerns are banking fraud, real estate fraud and investment fraud. Vancouver doesn't have a stock exchange any more. We used to. Vancouver is a big city not to have a stock exchange. The reason it was disbanded was because the media found out how corrupt it was. It was full of fake pump and dump stocks and they simply couldn't control the fraud.

We have clearly seen that deregulation hasn't resulted in a more profitable business environment. We have simply seen how deregulation has enabled investment fraud which in essence steals our pensions, destabilizes the market, adversely affects the economy and increases taxes.

The 9/11 truth movement is well represented at the Occupy Vancouver protest. They rightfully ask about Tower 7, the third tower that fell in New York when no planes hit it. Interesting to note that aside from military and CIA records, the Tower was the headquarters of the Wall street Watch dog that investigated investment fraud. You don't have to be a Communist to be concerned about investment fraud stealing your hard earned pensions.

Saturday 1 October 2011

Cocaine in Operation Fast and Furious

Operation Fast and Furious has made the news of late as being a huge scandal where government agencies sold a Mexican drug cartel arms and brought back tons of cocaine to be sold in the US. Everyone is rightfully outrages that government agencies were selling guns to a Mexican drug cartel. One of those guns was used to kill a US border agent.

Yet it's also important to remember that this typical drugs for arms mission saw government agencies letting tons of cocaine be smuggled into the United States. “According to court transcripts, Niebla was allowed to import “multi-ton quantities of cocaine” into the U.S. as a result of his working relationship with the FBI, Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration.”

Operation Fast and Furious may be a new scandal breaking in the news but it simply reinforces what was going on out of Mena, Arkansas for years.

Friday 15 July 2011

John Prescott Ellis

Prescott, that name sounds familiar. John Prescott Ellis is the nephew of George H W Bush and the first cousin of George W Bush. In fact, Jeb Bush, George W's brother has a son named John Ellis Bush Jr.

The interesting thing about John Prescott Ellis is his use of his cousin's name to promote investment fraud. We'll remember John from his involvement with Fox News on the Election 2000 media coverage.

Yet the voter fraud in Florida is an important but separate issue. What I want to examine is Ellis' documented connection to investment fraud and how he used his position with the Bush Administration to endorse that fraud.

Let's look at this court decision involving Robert Nichols and John Ellis. The Bayou entities were various names for an investment fraud. In spring of 2004, after the scam started to unravel, Samuel Israel transferred $120 million to his own account then gave $10 million to Robert Nichols.

On or about April 2004, virtually all of the contents of the Bayou Hedge Funds' brokerage accounts were wired into a bank account entitled "Bayou Management LLC Special Account."

On or about July 8 2004, Samuel Israel caused $120 million to be transferred from Bayou Management to a bank account in Israel's name at the Deutsche Postbank in Hamburg, Germany. ("The Fraudulent Transfer" paragraph 15)

Three days after the Fraudulent transfer, Israel then transferred $10 million to Robert Nichols. (The Recoverable Transfer" paragraph 25)

Robert Nichols counter sued claiming the million dollars seized from a London safety deposit box was part of the $10 million service fee he charged Israel and was his. I kid you not.

Mr. Nichols believes that the services that he provided to Israel  involved matters of national interest. Mr. Nichols was advised by Israel and others that Israel's pursuit of the Project  was known to and sanctioned by the Government.

Confirmation of the government sanction and the general legitimacy of the project was communicated to Mr. Nichols by Mr. John P Ellis, who at the time was involved with GH Venture Partners of New York, New York a company that enjoyed (and enjoys) an honorable reputation.

Mr. Ellis is the first cousin of President George W. Bush and his material involvement with President Bush's 2004 political campaign (particularly in Florida) was reported in the general press. (Paragraphs 19 - 21)

The Street wrote an in depth three page report on the Bayou scam. They claim John P. Ellis, represented several companies in investment presentations to IM Partners, a side venture set up by Samuel Israel and Daniel Marino. Israel and Marino were the management team that ran Bayou and who federal prosecutors allege defrauded investors out of $300 million.

One of the deals arranged by Ellis and GH Ventures was a $10 million investment by IM Partners in Kycos, a defunct off-shore company that specialized in performing corporate background checks and due diligence for online gambling sites.

Wednesday 13 July 2011

George H W Bush as Director of the CIA

George H W Bush was Director of the CIA in 1976. He replaced William Colby who came in after the Watergate scandal broke. In December 1974, Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh broke the news of the "Family Jewels" in a front-page article in The New York Times, revealing that the CIA had assassinated foreign leaders, and had conducted surveillance on some seven thousand American citizens involved in the antiwar movement (Operation CHAOS).

Colby believed that the CIA had a moral obligation to cooperate with the Congress and demonstrate that the CIA was accountable to the Constitution. This caused a major rift within the CIA ranks, with many old-line officers such as former DCI Richard Helms believing that the CIA should have resisted congressional intrusion. In steps George H W Bush.

Bush's confirmation as the Director of Central Intelligence was opposed by many politicians and citizens who were still reeling from the Watergate scandal (when Bush was the head of the Republican National Committee, and a steadfast defender of Nixon) and the Church Committee investigating whether CIA-ordered foreign assassinations were being directed towards domestic officials, including President Kennedy. Bush was replaced as director of the CIA by Stansfield Turner who was appointed by President Jimmy Carter.

I'm not going to claim that the Bush family were the creators of the CIA corruption but I will say they were directly tied to it. The first obvious record of serious CIA corruption was under Allen W. Dulles who was a friend of the Bush family and helped cover up their dealings with Nazi Germany during the war. Dulles worked with Barry Seal and was the Director of the CIA who signed and submitted Operation Northwoods. Before that Dulles was involved with Operation Ajax in Iran.

Having the Rockefeller Commission investigate the CIA's involvement with Watergate and assassinations was as ironic as appointing Allen Dulles to the Warren Commission to investigate CIA corruption and involvement with JFK's assassination.

The Mena Connection

The pivotal event that began to unravel the mystery of Mena was the death of  Don Henry age 16, and Kevin Ives age 17. The initial report claimed they fell asleep on railway tracks and was hit by a train. Which didn't really make sense.

The conductor of the train saw something on the track and kept blasting the horn long in advance. When he saw it was human bodies he slammed on the brakes. All that noise would have woken the boys from their sleep.

Fahmy MalakArkansas's state medical examiner, then said the boys had smoked so much marijuana that they were in too much of a support to wake up from the noise. Not only did that not make sense either, they didn't even perform a test to see if there really was any thc in their system.

Because of the mother's persistence, Kevin and Don's bodies were exhumed, new autopsies were performed, and a grand jury was convened. Dr. Joseph Burton, a nationally recognized forensic pathologist from out-of-state, performed the new autopsies. His findings revealed that Don Henry had been stabbed in the back and Kevin Ives' face had been smashed by a blow from a rifle butt before their bodies were placed on the railroad tracks.

Burton's autopsy also revealed that Malak had mutilated Kevin's skull by sawing it in so many different directions that it was impossible to tell where the original skull fractures were. Malak also had completely dismantled Kevin's jaw bones. Burton stated he had performed thousands of autopsies and had never seen anything like it. Was Malak trying to hide something?

"A former employee at the crime lab has said he discovered what appeared to be evidence of a stab wound during the original autopsy, but was told, quote, 'not to worry about it.' Malak has refused all comment."

Nevertheless, both Governor Clinton and the Arkansas State Medical Examiner Commission Chairman, Jocelyn Elders, who had the power to remove Malak from office, not only insisted he remain, they gave him a raise.

It's a long and complicated story but the fact is, two boys were found dead and the Arkansas State medical examiner tampered with evidence and covered up the murder to look like a suicide or an accident. He was supported by Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. That is the key to Mena.

There were other murders Fahmy Malak investigated and fraudulently ruled as suicides. This case is complicated because it was claimed the boys saw something they weren't supposed to see and were murdered as a result.

It was claimed that they had witnessed one of the many drug drops that transpired in Mena which is at first hard to believe. Yet it turns out there was an extensive drug for arms trafficking that went on out of Mena. Barry Seal's brother admitted how the drug drops occurred. He said they flew in at a low altitude and pushed the drugs out of the plane in duffel bags on a aluminum pallet attached to a parachute.

He claimed the drugs were pushed out of the plane at around 1000 feet and as soon as the parachute opened the pallet hit the ground and unfolded. It is very possible Kevin and Don saw one of these drug drops. The fact is, they were murdered and it was made to look like they died an accidental death which was blatantly covered up by the crooked State Medical Examiner who was supported by Governor Bill Clinton.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Children’s Defense Fund


There has been a lot of concerns raised about the Children’s Defense Fund. The name of the fund sounds so innocent. Catholic groups have expressed the concern that putting abortion clinics in schools isn't defending children.

I realize abortion is a pretty passionate issue. Obviously birth control is a better choice than abortion, yet that's only the first red flag. If a Haiti relief fund gives $3 million for mortgage loans in Haiti and it raises well over $100 million, one is forced to ask what happened to the rest of the money?

One source claims: In 1993, Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta met with Vince Foster in Geneva, Switzerland. Foster had traveled there to make a special pickup of a disbursement that had been formally requested by the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. According to Wanta, he had been working on "Seal projects" and had been requested to transfer $250 million to an account that was retrievable by Foster.

The account was destined for the "Children’s Defense Fund," hardly a "Seal" project. Wanta arranged for three payments, approximately $81 million dollars each, to be made and converted to U.S. Treasury notes which were given to Foster, who then gave them to Hillary Clinton.

Accusations have been made that claim the Children’s Defense Fund is in reality a CIA slush fund run by Hillary Clinton. "If the "Children’s Defense Fund" is actually a CIA operation, then one must also conclude that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a CIA operative."

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald claims he is in possession of filmed evidence allegedly showing Senator Hillary Clinton entering Bank Crozier in Grenada during early 2003 for the purpose of withdrawing stolen and laundered U.S. Treasury funds.

The Wanta Chronicles claims Leo Emil Wanta was tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Former CIA agent Ray McGovern was physically removed by security during Hillary's speech praising free speech in Egypt.  Suleiman is linked with the CIA.

One has to wonder that if the CIA are low enough to misappropriate a Children’s Defense Fund, would they not do the same thing for Haiti earthquake relief?

The Bush Family Investment Fraud

Al Martin's book, The Conspirators is the definitive resource of the extensive investment fraud the Bush family have been involved with. He claims he worked directly with Jeb Bush who directed him to set up fraudulent loans to invest in fake oil companies and intentionally default on the loan. Thus referred to as the double scam. Al Martin claims the Bush family were involved with National Heritage.

Monday 11 July 2011

Andrew Cuomo

We all know about the Bush family's ties to the CIA and to drug laundering out of Mena as well as their long list of investment fraud, but before I dive into those allegations, I want to name one more Democrat just to reinstill the point that corruption is nonpartisan.

Andrew Cuomo is the governor of New York. He is a Democrat that was endorsed by the current Mayor of New York who is a Republican. According to Al Martin, Andrew Cuomo was involved with George Bush and John Gotti in the National Heritage scandal.

Martin claims "Andrew Cuomo, through his father Mario's influence, was hired on as a consultant to the corporation. He was also a member of the Board of Trustees of Heritage Life at $50,000 per year. When Andrew became Director of HUD, Andrew helped cover up Heritage's scams vis-a-vis HUD. Heritage in turn not only buys up HUD property, but it also becomes its own insurer of HUD property. For example, it would claim that the insurance premium on XYZ property was $1 million a year, when in fact the insurance was only $100,000 a year."

Catherine Austin Fitts claimed that under Andrew Cuomo's leadership "HUD was Being Run as a Criminal Enterprise."

In fact, the Coumotarp blog refers to Andrew Cuomo's Predatory Heart Of Darkness and claims: "As Secretary of HUD, Andrew Cuomo reversed the policy of selling defaulted mortgages so that families could keep their homes. Instead, he chose to foreclose on mortgages, which meant that families lost their homes and insiders cleaned up on fire-sale priced properties. The US Treasury also lost billions."

Arkansas Development Finance Authority

Arkansas Development Finance Authority laundered drug money through BCCI. BCCI was involved with laundering drug money for the CIA along with arms deals tied to the extended version of Iran Contra. There was a huge conflict of interest between Bill Clinton approving loans from the ADFA and Hillary Clinton's law firm.

Trinity Oil and Gas

As I have mentioned the central hub connecting the Bush and Clinton crime families is Mena Arkansas. With that is drug smuggling CIA Agent Barry Seal. In steps Trinity Oil and Gas.

Trinity Oil and Gas was legally formed and its general counsels were the Little Rock Law Firm of Rose and Hubbel. As a matter of fact, it was one of Web Hubbel's own accounts wherein he was counsel. Hillary Clinton was a partner in the Rose Law firm.

Sidney Wade from Trinity Oil and Gas was sentenced to 17 and a half years in prison for obstruction of justice and money laundering. Hillary Clinton's Rose law firm was also tied to Stephens Inc and BCCI, the CIA money laundering bank.

Vince Foster, who worked with Hillary at the Rose law firm, was found dead in Ft. Marcy Park in Washington, DC. Foster had intimate knowledge of the Clintons’ personal finances. Missing billing records from Rose were discovered in Hillary Clinton’s book room at the White House.

Sunday 10 July 2011

Barry Seal

When we mention CIA drug smuggling in Mena, Arkansas, the first name that comes to mind is Barry Seal. Barry Seal was a CIA agent and a very successful cocaine smuggler. He helped facilitate the exchange of drugs for arms in support of the Contras in Nicaragua. He also helped launder that drug money in some of the Arkansas banks tied to the Clinton family.

The key thing to remember is that Barry Seal was a long time CIA agent and a long time drug smuggler who worked out of Mena, Arkansas. We was caught and became an informant for the DEA while he continued to run operations for the CIA. He was delivering arms to the Contras and returned with drugs as payment.

In the above photo we see Barry Seal at dinner in Mexico City, January 22 1963. Shown, clockwise from front left, are alleged to be: David Sánchez Morales, Porter Goss (arm around Morales), Barry Seal, Guillermo Novo Sampol, Ignacio Novo Sampol; Carlos Alberto de Diego Aday, Richard Cain, Arsenio Felipe de Diego Aday, Tosh Plumlee and Virgilio Gonzalez.

David Sánchez Morales was a Central Intelligence Agency operative who worked in Cuba. Porter Johnston Goss was a CIA officer in Latin America during the Cold War. He became the Director of the CIA and was a co-sponsor of the Patriot Act. William Robert (Tosh) Plumlee was a CIA pilot and operative.

Guillermo Novo Sampol was a member of Operation 40, a CIA assassination squad established by Allen W. Dulles. Sampol was found guilty of assassinating Orlando Letelier. His younger brother Ignacio Novo Sampol was convicted of making false declarations in that same assassination trial.

Guillermo Novo Sampol, Ignacio Novo Sampol, Carlos Alberto de Diego Aday and Arsenio Felipe de Diego Aday were all members of Operation 40. Richard Cain is described as a notoriously corrupt Chicago police officer tied to the mafia. Which kinda makes sense since all of these CIA assets in the photo had something to do with Cuba. The CIA worked with the Mafia in Operation Mongoose to assist their objectives in Cuba.

Barry Seal was well connected to the CIA. According to Gerry Hemming, Barry Seal was a member of Operation 40 as well. Virgilio R. Gonzales was one of the Watergate burglars. Felix Rodriguez is another CIA operative that's supposed to be in the photo but is not listed.

Friday 8 July 2011

Befriending the Constitution

We hear people misquote the constitution for their own personal gain. The Patriot act is not patriotic. Jesse Ventura understands the purpose of the Constitution. Sarah Palin does not. We need to remember the Constitution and the Federalist Papers.

President Johnston

I'm not going to dive into 9/11 conspiracy theories at this time. Enough has been said on the matter. Scholars agree that the third tower collapsing into it's own blueprint at free fall speed due to heat and fire is not scientific.

Debating 9/11 conspiracies does not change the reality of Operation Northwoods. That declassified document is a historical fact. If Kennedy had not vetoed the proposal, the Charmian of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of the CIA would have killed innocent American civilians and blamed it on Cuba to gain public support to invade Cuba during the missile crisis. That is a historical fact.

Citing Operation Northwoods, I want to examine President Johnston's involvement with the attack on the USS Liberty. Israel's attack on the USS Liberty with unmarked planes is another historical fact. Since the US and Israel were allies at the time, one would think that the claim it was a mistake was plausible. Until we find out about President Johnston's involvement.

June 8 1967 the USS Liberty was attacked by unmarked Israeli fighters. They were getting creamed with napalm and torpedo boats. An US Aircraft carrier herd the distress call and sent air support to defend the Liberty. According to Alex Jones, President Johnston recalled the air support and said he wanted that ship sunk.

I find that treasonous act very profound. All of a sudden it makes sense why Israel attacks a US battleship with unmarked planes. They were acting under the orders of the US government. They were trying to implement Operation Northwoods by sinking a US battleship and blame it on Egypt to justify US intervention in the 6 day war.

When we discuss 9/11 conspiracies, we tend to blame Bush and back republicans into a corner. Yet we can clearly see the false flag treason is nonpartisan. Kennedy said no. After he was murdered, President JJohnston said yes.

I have heard it said that the public tend to let their guard down when a Democrat has been elected President. They are less likely to expect a Democrat will pull the wool over their eyes and steal their liberty. The Shadow Government knows this. That is why they are equally concerned with infiltrating the Democrats as they are with infiltrating the Republicans. Buyer beware.

The Shadow Governement

Catherine Austin Fitts is a mainstream business analyst who referred to the Shadow Government. A lot of people go off on some pretty complected tangents about how the Illuminati, Skull and Bones and the Free Masons are trying to conspire to take over the world.

I used to joke and say everything I know about the Illuminati, I learned on Tomb Raider. In essence, I don't know anything about them. The Skull and Bones sect does sound strange. Alex Jones is a bit of a dramatist but he usually has the facts to back up his dramatic claims. He has done enough exposes on the Skull and Bones. I would however, like to clarify something about the Free Masons.

Free Masons make promises to keep lawful secrets. They promise to keep their religious rituals secret. They do not promise to keep the crimes of other Free Masons secret. George Washington was a free Mason. So was Ben Franklin. Free Masons are moral men who aspire to something higher. Shriners are Masons. Free Masons are not a secret society because their membership is not secret.

I'm not going to say that every group that breaks off from the Masons are good. We are told that a Free Mason broke off and started the KKK. That clearly is not a noble organization. It is a secret society with an evil objective. Kennedy warned of secret societies. Others have talked about secret societies whose mandate is murder to get gain.

Organized crime is a secret society. Even though gang members often boast about their membership in a gang to scare and intimidate others, their mandate is clearly murder to get gain.

Selling crack cocaine to buy arms for the Contras in Nicaragua to fight Communism is wrong. Period. I believe the Shadow Government used that lie to cross the line and commit crime in the name of good which is absurd. I think the greatest threat to our freedom today is not public health care. I think the greatest threat to our freedom today is organized crime. Murder to get gain. Corrupt politicians who launder drug money and commit investment fraud and banking fraud to lift themselves above others by getting rich through the exploitation of others.

The Black Eyed Peas claim "We have terrorist living right here in the USA. The big CIA, the Crips and the Bloods and the KKK." I have to agree. The CIA is a secret society with absolutely no public accountability whose mandate is murder to get gain. That enemy from within is far more frightening because we have no control over it. I'm not going to dive into the Illuminati. I'm going to go on about laundering drug money and committing investment and banking fraud. Those are important crime we can do something about.

Help for Haiti

There is a lot more evidence that needs to be systematically reviewed about the extensive accusations of the Bush family's involvement in investment fraud as well as drug and arms trafficking and how the Clinton family has been tied to it. Yet before we get into that now, I think it is very important to look at real ways to help Haiti especially the children of Haiti.

George Bush and Bill Clinton have teamed up to fund raise for Haiti relief. I find that immensely suspicious. George Bush is a liar, Bill Clinton is a con man and Hilary Clinton is a devil. There has been a huge amount of problems and controversy about the hurricane relief in New Orleans. Why did Fema turn away the Red Cross and turn away truck loads of food donated by Walmart? What do you mean $3 billion in relief for New Orleans is unaccounted for? That is a huge concern.

Haiti is even more problematic. It has a reputation for crime and corruption. Yet I think it's important to look at the root of that cause not the symptoms of it. The Haiti election has become even more complicated because former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide returned to Haiti over the weekend after a 7 year exile. Why is this important? Because it marks the return of the man who headed Haiti’s largest political party, the Lavalas. That party has not been allowed to partake in Haiti elections primarily because they were not deemed favorable by US corporations and president George W. Bush helped orchestrate a coup in 2004 which resulted in Aristide being ousted. Folks should know Aristide was seen as a President who supported the poor and wanted to raise minimum wage.

Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill claims: "In September 1991, the US backed the violent overthrow of the government of Haiti’s democratically-elected leftist priest President Jean Bertrand Aristide after he was in power less than a year. Aristide had defeated a US-backed candidate in the 1990 Haitian presidential election. The military coup leaders and their paramilitary gangs of CIA-backed murderous thugs, including the notorious FRAPH paramilitary units, were known for hacking the limbs off of Aristide supporters (and others) along with an unending slew of other horrifying crimes.

When Clinton came to power, he played a vicious game with Haiti that allowed the coup regime to continue rampaging Haiti and further destabilized the country. What’s more, in the 1992 election campaign, Bill Clinton campaigned on a pledge to reverse what he called then-President George HW Bush’s “cruel policy” of holding Haitian refugees at Guantanamo with no legal rights in US courts. Upon his election, however, Clinton reversed his position and sided with the Bush administration in denying the Haitians legal rights. the Haitians were held in atrocious conditions and the new Democratic president was sued by the Center for Constitutional Rights."

William Blum’s book “Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II” includes a chapter on the history of the US role in Haiti. The fact that the coup against the democratically-elected president of Haiti was allowed to continue unabated for three full years seemed to be less offensive to Clinton than Aristide’s progressive vision for Haiti.

Setting aside George Bush, Bill Clinton and the CIA's direct involvement in the political corruption in Haiti just like with the Batsita government in Cuba, let's look at Wyclef Jean's long term solutions for the future: education of the children.

Wyclef said before the earthquake child trafficking was a problem that existed in Haiti before the earthquaked.just like in Brazil. After the earthquake the problem tripled. Immediate humanitarian relief is essential, yet that still isn't happening despite the outpouring of good will. Educating the children is also essential. We talk about the right to play for children. Getting children involved in sports is a good thing. Yet I can imagine the children of Haiti don't currently have the right to play and I think the Bush family, the Clinton family and the CIA are partly to blame.

A Salute to Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz

Before Gary Webb was the Kerry Committee. Before the Kerry Committee was the Vietnam war. Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz talked about the direct connection between heroin trafficking and members of the US government during the Vietnam war. He was told that if he did not erase and forget that information they would bury him. We salute his integrity for keeping his pledge of allegiance and not erasing and forgetting what he found.

A Tribute to Gary Webb

I'd like to begin our examination of the Bush Clinton crime fraud with a tribute to Gary Webb. Gary Webb was a long time accomplished journalist who cracked the case wide open with his series exposing the CIA's involvement with the LA crack cocaine epidemic in the /80's. The series of articles was called the Dark Alliance. Although he met with great opposition, he was the pioneer in getting this information out to the general public.

After all it was nothing really new. The Kerry committee investigated the allegations years prior but the media buried the story. Catherine Austin Fitts is a credible activist who saw Gary Webb's story as being very credible. She had seen the disinformation campaign of the attack poodles that try to discredit someone who raises valid concerns. Gary Webb documented everything. His claims are credible and his suicide is suspicious.

Yet his book turned over the stone that created a domino effect that has been producing more witnesses and more evidence ever since. His book created such an outrage that the Director of the CIA held a public meeting in LA to appease public concerns. In steps Mike Ruppert to the mic. He too has been attacked and discredited, Yet his testimony supports Gary Webb's finding. Then there was Cele Castillo. He was attacked and discredited but his story adds to the evidence supporting Gary Webb's claims in his book Dark Alliance.

Before we get into that evidence, let's take a step back and look at the precedent that was established in the Vietnam war. Let's look at the testimony of Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz.

In the Beginning was Mena, Arkansas

Before we start our examination of the evidence related to the drug trafficking and arms smuggling tied to the Bush Clinton Crime Fraud, I want to set the stage by pointing to Mena, Arkansas.

Sarah McClendon was a hard hitting reporter who asked Bill Clinton about the CIA drug and arms smuggling that went on out of Mena Arkansas when he was Governor of Arkansas. She asked him if he knew about it and he said no. The point I'd like to make is Sarah McClendon knew full well about what was going on in Mena and talked about it as though it was common knowledge.

The other thing I'd like to point out is the close association between Bill Clinton and the Bush family now and then. Former President Bill Clinton discussed his relationship with President Bush's father on CBS Late Show. Clinton: "I think we're good friends. I like him very much. I've always liked him. When he was vice president, I was still a governor. We worked together on a number of things. He hosted the governors, in Kennebunkport."