Wednesday 13 July 2011

The Mena Connection

The pivotal event that began to unravel the mystery of Mena was the death of  Don Henry age 16, and Kevin Ives age 17. The initial report claimed they fell asleep on railway tracks and was hit by a train. Which didn't really make sense.

The conductor of the train saw something on the track and kept blasting the horn long in advance. When he saw it was human bodies he slammed on the brakes. All that noise would have woken the boys from their sleep.

Fahmy MalakArkansas's state medical examiner, then said the boys had smoked so much marijuana that they were in too much of a support to wake up from the noise. Not only did that not make sense either, they didn't even perform a test to see if there really was any thc in their system.

Because of the mother's persistence, Kevin and Don's bodies were exhumed, new autopsies were performed, and a grand jury was convened. Dr. Joseph Burton, a nationally recognized forensic pathologist from out-of-state, performed the new autopsies. His findings revealed that Don Henry had been stabbed in the back and Kevin Ives' face had been smashed by a blow from a rifle butt before their bodies were placed on the railroad tracks.

Burton's autopsy also revealed that Malak had mutilated Kevin's skull by sawing it in so many different directions that it was impossible to tell where the original skull fractures were. Malak also had completely dismantled Kevin's jaw bones. Burton stated he had performed thousands of autopsies and had never seen anything like it. Was Malak trying to hide something?

"A former employee at the crime lab has said he discovered what appeared to be evidence of a stab wound during the original autopsy, but was told, quote, 'not to worry about it.' Malak has refused all comment."

Nevertheless, both Governor Clinton and the Arkansas State Medical Examiner Commission Chairman, Jocelyn Elders, who had the power to remove Malak from office, not only insisted he remain, they gave him a raise.

It's a long and complicated story but the fact is, two boys were found dead and the Arkansas State medical examiner tampered with evidence and covered up the murder to look like a suicide or an accident. He was supported by Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. That is the key to Mena.

There were other murders Fahmy Malak investigated and fraudulently ruled as suicides. This case is complicated because it was claimed the boys saw something they weren't supposed to see and were murdered as a result.

It was claimed that they had witnessed one of the many drug drops that transpired in Mena which is at first hard to believe. Yet it turns out there was an extensive drug for arms trafficking that went on out of Mena. Barry Seal's brother admitted how the drug drops occurred. He said they flew in at a low altitude and pushed the drugs out of the plane in duffel bags on a aluminum pallet attached to a parachute.

He claimed the drugs were pushed out of the plane at around 1000 feet and as soon as the parachute opened the pallet hit the ground and unfolded. It is very possible Kevin and Don saw one of these drug drops. The fact is, they were murdered and it was made to look like they died an accidental death which was blatantly covered up by the crooked State Medical Examiner who was supported by Governor Bill Clinton.

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