Monday 11 July 2011

Andrew Cuomo

We all know about the Bush family's ties to the CIA and to drug laundering out of Mena as well as their long list of investment fraud, but before I dive into those allegations, I want to name one more Democrat just to reinstill the point that corruption is nonpartisan.

Andrew Cuomo is the governor of New York. He is a Democrat that was endorsed by the current Mayor of New York who is a Republican. According to Al Martin, Andrew Cuomo was involved with George Bush and John Gotti in the National Heritage scandal.

Martin claims "Andrew Cuomo, through his father Mario's influence, was hired on as a consultant to the corporation. He was also a member of the Board of Trustees of Heritage Life at $50,000 per year. When Andrew became Director of HUD, Andrew helped cover up Heritage's scams vis-a-vis HUD. Heritage in turn not only buys up HUD property, but it also becomes its own insurer of HUD property. For example, it would claim that the insurance premium on XYZ property was $1 million a year, when in fact the insurance was only $100,000 a year."

Catherine Austin Fitts claimed that under Andrew Cuomo's leadership "HUD was Being Run as a Criminal Enterprise."

In fact, the Coumotarp blog refers to Andrew Cuomo's Predatory Heart Of Darkness and claims: "As Secretary of HUD, Andrew Cuomo reversed the policy of selling defaulted mortgages so that families could keep their homes. Instead, he chose to foreclose on mortgages, which meant that families lost their homes and insiders cleaned up on fire-sale priced properties. The US Treasury also lost billions."

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