Tuesday 12 July 2011

Children’s Defense Fund


There has been a lot of concerns raised about the Children’s Defense Fund. The name of the fund sounds so innocent. Catholic groups have expressed the concern that putting abortion clinics in schools isn't defending children.

I realize abortion is a pretty passionate issue. Obviously birth control is a better choice than abortion, yet that's only the first red flag. If a Haiti relief fund gives $3 million for mortgage loans in Haiti and it raises well over $100 million, one is forced to ask what happened to the rest of the money?

One source claims: In 1993, Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta met with Vince Foster in Geneva, Switzerland. Foster had traveled there to make a special pickup of a disbursement that had been formally requested by the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. According to Wanta, he had been working on "Seal projects" and had been requested to transfer $250 million to an account that was retrievable by Foster.

The account was destined for the "Children’s Defense Fund," hardly a "Seal" project. Wanta arranged for three payments, approximately $81 million dollars each, to be made and converted to U.S. Treasury notes which were given to Foster, who then gave them to Hillary Clinton.

Accusations have been made that claim the Children’s Defense Fund is in reality a CIA slush fund run by Hillary Clinton. "If the "Children’s Defense Fund" is actually a CIA operation, then one must also conclude that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a CIA operative."

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald claims he is in possession of filmed evidence allegedly showing Senator Hillary Clinton entering Bank Crozier in Grenada during early 2003 for the purpose of withdrawing stolen and laundered U.S. Treasury funds.

The Wanta Chronicles claims Leo Emil Wanta was tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Former CIA agent Ray McGovern was physically removed by security during Hillary's speech praising free speech in Egypt.  Suleiman is linked with the CIA.

One has to wonder that if the CIA are low enough to misappropriate a Children’s Defense Fund, would they not do the same thing for Haiti earthquake relief?

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