Friday 8 July 2011

A Tribute to Gary Webb

I'd like to begin our examination of the Bush Clinton crime fraud with a tribute to Gary Webb. Gary Webb was a long time accomplished journalist who cracked the case wide open with his series exposing the CIA's involvement with the LA crack cocaine epidemic in the /80's. The series of articles was called the Dark Alliance. Although he met with great opposition, he was the pioneer in getting this information out to the general public.

After all it was nothing really new. The Kerry committee investigated the allegations years prior but the media buried the story. Catherine Austin Fitts is a credible activist who saw Gary Webb's story as being very credible. She had seen the disinformation campaign of the attack poodles that try to discredit someone who raises valid concerns. Gary Webb documented everything. His claims are credible and his suicide is suspicious.

Yet his book turned over the stone that created a domino effect that has been producing more witnesses and more evidence ever since. His book created such an outrage that the Director of the CIA held a public meeting in LA to appease public concerns. In steps Mike Ruppert to the mic. He too has been attacked and discredited, Yet his testimony supports Gary Webb's finding. Then there was Cele Castillo. He was attacked and discredited but his story adds to the evidence supporting Gary Webb's claims in his book Dark Alliance.

Before we get into that evidence, let's take a step back and look at the precedent that was established in the Vietnam war. Let's look at the testimony of Lt. Col. James Bo Gritz.

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