Friday 8 July 2011

Help for Haiti

There is a lot more evidence that needs to be systematically reviewed about the extensive accusations of the Bush family's involvement in investment fraud as well as drug and arms trafficking and how the Clinton family has been tied to it. Yet before we get into that now, I think it is very important to look at real ways to help Haiti especially the children of Haiti.

George Bush and Bill Clinton have teamed up to fund raise for Haiti relief. I find that immensely suspicious. George Bush is a liar, Bill Clinton is a con man and Hilary Clinton is a devil. There has been a huge amount of problems and controversy about the hurricane relief in New Orleans. Why did Fema turn away the Red Cross and turn away truck loads of food donated by Walmart? What do you mean $3 billion in relief for New Orleans is unaccounted for? That is a huge concern.

Haiti is even more problematic. It has a reputation for crime and corruption. Yet I think it's important to look at the root of that cause not the symptoms of it. The Haiti election has become even more complicated because former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide returned to Haiti over the weekend after a 7 year exile. Why is this important? Because it marks the return of the man who headed Haiti’s largest political party, the Lavalas. That party has not been allowed to partake in Haiti elections primarily because they were not deemed favorable by US corporations and president George W. Bush helped orchestrate a coup in 2004 which resulted in Aristide being ousted. Folks should know Aristide was seen as a President who supported the poor and wanted to raise minimum wage.

Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill claims: "In September 1991, the US backed the violent overthrow of the government of Haiti’s democratically-elected leftist priest President Jean Bertrand Aristide after he was in power less than a year. Aristide had defeated a US-backed candidate in the 1990 Haitian presidential election. The military coup leaders and their paramilitary gangs of CIA-backed murderous thugs, including the notorious FRAPH paramilitary units, were known for hacking the limbs off of Aristide supporters (and others) along with an unending slew of other horrifying crimes.

When Clinton came to power, he played a vicious game with Haiti that allowed the coup regime to continue rampaging Haiti and further destabilized the country. What’s more, in the 1992 election campaign, Bill Clinton campaigned on a pledge to reverse what he called then-President George HW Bush’s “cruel policy” of holding Haitian refugees at Guantanamo with no legal rights in US courts. Upon his election, however, Clinton reversed his position and sided with the Bush administration in denying the Haitians legal rights. the Haitians were held in atrocious conditions and the new Democratic president was sued by the Center for Constitutional Rights."

William Blum’s book “Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II” includes a chapter on the history of the US role in Haiti. The fact that the coup against the democratically-elected president of Haiti was allowed to continue unabated for three full years seemed to be less offensive to Clinton than Aristide’s progressive vision for Haiti.

Setting aside George Bush, Bill Clinton and the CIA's direct involvement in the political corruption in Haiti just like with the Batsita government in Cuba, let's look at Wyclef Jean's long term solutions for the future: education of the children.

Wyclef said before the earthquake child trafficking was a problem that existed in Haiti before the earthquaked.just like in Brazil. After the earthquake the problem tripled. Immediate humanitarian relief is essential, yet that still isn't happening despite the outpouring of good will. Educating the children is also essential. We talk about the right to play for children. Getting children involved in sports is a good thing. Yet I can imagine the children of Haiti don't currently have the right to play and I think the Bush family, the Clinton family and the CIA are partly to blame.

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