Friday 8 July 2011

In the Beginning was Mena, Arkansas

Before we start our examination of the evidence related to the drug trafficking and arms smuggling tied to the Bush Clinton Crime Fraud, I want to set the stage by pointing to Mena, Arkansas.

Sarah McClendon was a hard hitting reporter who asked Bill Clinton about the CIA drug and arms smuggling that went on out of Mena Arkansas when he was Governor of Arkansas. She asked him if he knew about it and he said no. The point I'd like to make is Sarah McClendon knew full well about what was going on in Mena and talked about it as though it was common knowledge.

The other thing I'd like to point out is the close association between Bill Clinton and the Bush family now and then. Former President Bill Clinton discussed his relationship with President Bush's father on CBS Late Show. Clinton: "I think we're good friends. I like him very much. I've always liked him. When he was vice president, I was still a governor. We worked together on a number of things. He hosted the governors, in Kennebunkport."

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